Hessian Fabric and Calico

Hessian fabric and calico material for interior and dressmaking projects.

You may know hessian as burlap, which is the word more commonly used in America and other countries. Hessian is commonly made from jute, which is Jute is a natural fibre that comes from a massive herb found in tropical countries with warm climates called Cochorus.

Hardwearing and durable, hessian fabric is commonly used in interior projects such as for rugs and carpets.

Calico, although similar to hessian in look and feel and equally hardwearing and durable is made from cotton. A plain weave, textile coarse to the touch.

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    • 100% Cotton Calico Quilted – Natural

      £12.99 /per metre
    • Bull Denim Loomstate 100% Cotton Heavyweight – Natural

      £9.99 /per metre
    • Calico – Double Width – 240cm 94 inches

      £8.99 /per metre
    • Calico – Quilters Pre Washed 137cm 53 inches

      £5.99 /per metre
    • Hessian Burlap – Natural Fine Weave

      £6.99 /per metre
    • Hessian Burlap – Natural Regular

      £5.99 /per metre
    • Hessian Herringbone Weave 100% Jute – Natural

      £10.99 /per metre
    • Osnaburg Cotton Craft Quilting Fabric – Natural

      £5.99 /per metre