Organic Printed Fabric

Explore our range of printed organic and natural fabric. Small but growing range of Printed Organic Cotton, jersey, double gauze, and lots more sustainable textiles for you to browse.

Our Printed Organic textiles are perfect for baby clothes and sensitive skin.

We have a selection of natural fabric types suitable for dressmaking in a range of prints including florals and more.

What is a sustainable fabric? Although sustainable and organic are not the same thing, they often go hand in hand. Organic fabric refers to natural fibres that are grown, harvested, and manufactured within certain guidelines.

Sustainable textiles refer to fabric that are also eco-friendly. Their production will not have negative impacts on the planet, like letting off greenhouse gasses and they will come from renewable sources, like plants.

For example, cotton comes from the cotton plant. If the manufacturing process, used to turn this fibre in to the cotton fabric that you buy by the metre, excludes synthetic fertilisers etc, it would be both organic and sustainable.

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      Organic Eucalyptus Garden Digital Double Gauze – White Green

      £16.99 /per metre