Closet Core Sewing Patterns

Stylish and incredibly popular Sewing Patterns from our friends at Closet Core.

Dressmaking patterns for women so you can make your own designer clothing. Patterns for shirts, dresses, coats, trousers and more.

In their own words Closet Core Patterns, believe that sewing has the power to transform your life, not just your closet. They design elevated, perennial sewing patterns to help you create the clothes of your dreams, and hopefully provide a richer and more sustainable alternative to the fast fashion funnel.

We love Closet Core’s range of dressmaking patterns and we hope you enjoy exploring their wonderful designs.

At Higgs and Higgs, you can stock up on your patterns and the get the dressmaking material to make it too. We stock a huge range of wools, cottons, boucles, and more with free samples available.

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    • Closet Core Sewing Pattern – Carolyn Pyjamas – Intermediate

    • Closet Core Sewing Pattern – Fiona Dress – Intermediate

    • Closet Core Sewing Pattern – Ginger Skinny Jeans

    • Closet Core Sewing Pattern – Mile End Sweatshirt – Moderate

    • Closet Core Sewing Pattern – Plateau Joggers or Shorts – Moderate