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What is Pre Quilted Padded Fabric and How to Use It

Beginner's Guides | Quilted Fabric Brenda HIggs April 18th, 2023

What is pre quilted padded fabric and how to use it?

 The Hovea Jacket everyone’s favourite quilted jacket coat pattern by Megan Nielsen for pre quilted fabric.

Available from Higgs and Higgs here or from Megan Nielsen


Pre-quilted fabric is simply two layers of fabric with a layer of wadding, wool, or fleece sandwiched in the centre.

Find our quilted fabric online at www.higgsandhiggs.com

A quilting machine stitches these layers together by sewing all over at regular intervals, usually in a diamond or parallel line design.

Many of the new designs now use more intricate stitching designs like circles and herringbone zigzag.

Herringbone quilted jacket fabric in black


Types of Pre-Quilted Padded Fabric

At Higgs and Higgs, we specialise in quality pre quilted fabrics for home interiors, fashion, dressmaking, and crafts.

You can find pre quilted fabric one-sided which has a lining fabric on one side, and reversible by making it double-sided with coordinating designs on each side.


Quilted Sala shown above.

folded quilted double sided cotton fabric showing both sides of design

Quilted Odisha shown above

There are a huge variety of fabrics that can be use for quilting. To begin with one of our favourites is printed cotton with many beautiful designs to choose from.

Quilted Jersey is also a favourites, soft and cosy, and easy to sew. Over 20 colours in stock.

We love the Ikatee Charlie Hoodie for toddlers available from us here or from Ikatee Couture here

Charlie Hoodie Sweatshirt made in Cotton Quilted Jersey


We also stock quilted double gauze in plain and printed designs in addition to our other lovely fabrics.

                                                                        Quilted double gauze fabric folded in a pile

Hi tech padded fabrics are also now available to the home sewer – ideal for sports wear and country pursuits.


What are the uses of quilted fabrics?

The uses of quilted fabric are many and varied.

Childs quilted double gauze jacket in teal quilted baby jacket in pale blue with matching rompers girls floral quilted padded reversible jacket Vega from Ikatee

Quilted jackets for adults and children are very popular, easy to sew, look fabulous and will keep you warm.

How about a quilted corduroy mini skirt?

Quilted fabrics make home interior projects like headboards, cushions and lap quilts easy and longer lasting.

Don’t forget nursery and baby items – soft and warm – quilted fabric is perfect.

Advantages of quilted fabric

Thanks to its double thickness padded fabric is warm, insulating and heat retentive.

Easy to sew with little fraying.

What’s more it is easy to launder with no ironing and little or no shrinkage.

Wind resistant too.

How to sew quilted fabric

Firstly double sided pre quilted fabric does not need lining – yeah

Why not make your jacket or gilet reversible by using  flat felled or run and felled seams.

No need for hems or facings just use bias binding to trim edges.

Bindings can be ready-made, home made, matching or contrasting. Why not use and extra wide binding for a striking effect.

If you are new to bias making try one of our Clover Bias Binding Makers and add a new skill to your sewing repertoire.

                                                                                                               all sizes in the Clover bias binding maker

Needle: Use a medium universal needle for cotton and a ball point needle for jersey

Thread: Use a Gutermann Sew All thread for cotton and similar fabrics and a stretch Gutermann Maraflex for jersey.

Patterns for quilted fabrics from Fibre Mood


lady standing side on wearing a green quilted coat cape lady standing on a road looking back wearing a rust quilted skirt lady in a field wearing a yellow quilted bodywarmer gilet lady wearing a cream sort gilet bodywarmer with cream trousers



Happy Sewing

Brenda x